About Us

GX-Shirtswear was founded at the beginning of 2011.
At that time we started designing shirts for Trance Family Belgium.
With a lot of positive responces from the Trance Scene we already sold TFB-Shirts to people from Belgium, The Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, UK, France and Switserland.

After some time we thought it was time to expand our boundaries and go Global!
We designed a special TF – Trance Family Logo for the International Trance Community to wear the designs with pride and show the world what trance is all about.   UNITE AS ONE FAMILY & ENJOY OUR PASSION: TRANCE!

Over the years we already provided special custom designs for TF Australia, Trancegression Events, The Crazy Swedes, TF Austria, Tell Me More Media, Dutch Blues Family, De Spellenwinkel, RE-Furb and many more…
And nowadays we are doing a wider range of designs in the shops.

Our designs are made with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator and are mainly printed using the brand new technology called; Digital Direct, provided by Spreadshirt.com. With this technology we can create very detailed designs in full color spectrum and color gradients.

Digital Direct Explained: